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ICQ Skins are another great way to enhance your desktop. If you use ICQ then skin it and have even more fun!!!

First of all you will need ICQ Plus! to make use of the skins. Click here to Download.

Once you have downloaded and installed ICQ Plus! you are ready to start creating your new ICQ skin. 

Now you are ready to apply one of your ICQ skins that you downloaded. 

  • No need to unzip the file that you downloaded!
  • Open up ICQ and click on the ICQ main page button
  • You will now see a new option called Plus click on it
  • Your ICQ skin window will come up, and you will click on import and browse you drive to the place where you downloaded your ICQ skin, click on it and click open. 
  • You can now select that or any other skin from the skin drop down menu and then click apply.

    Featured Download

    Awarded ICQ Skins for 4/15/2010
    Title: Guardians
    Author: A.Design

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